Today I want to talk a few minutes about understanding commercial intent and how we can apply this to our campaigns to make money with Squidoo or other One Week Marketing style campaigns. Commercial intent is loosely defined as the probability that someone typing a certain set of keywords in a search engine is doing so with the intention of buying.

Why is this important? This is an important factor to understand as it will separate the tire kickers and folks just looking for information from those who are serious about buying. And it is that crowd, the serious about buying crowd, that we want to target. So lets look at a tool that is out there that will help us determine commercial intent.

MSN adCenter Labs has a tool that, in theory, will give us a percentage probability of a certain keyword phrase being entered by someone who has commercial intent. The higher the result, the more likely that person has a credit card in hand and is ready to purchase. Here is what the tool looks like:


And here is the link to the main page: MSN AdCenter Commercial Intent

So how to we use this? In my opinion, the best way to use this tool is as a “tie breaker” of sorts when you are narrowing your list of keywords to target for a campaign. I do NOT use it as a sole determining factor if a keyword is good or not. The main reason for not using this exclusively to determining your keywords for a campaign is because traffic that may be not ready to buy just yet is STILL GOOD TRAFFIC  to have. Since our campaigns are designed to give people several chances to get to the sales page, and when they do, their cookie is established. If they decide to buy later, you still get credit in most cases. Converting this “info seeker” traffic into “buying traffic” is all part of the buying cycle, and we want to be positioned to capture those guys as well as those ready to buy now.

Here is an example to study. I have a campaign for sleep aids, and here are two keywords I was looking at:

“non prescription sleep aid”

“natural insomnia remedies”

Both keywords fit my basic criteria of quoted results and competiting Squdioo lenses for the same keyphrase. So I plugged them into the commercial intent tool.

Here are the results:

ci-tool-1ct-tool-2So which one did I choose? I went with the one that had a lower score in non-commercial intention, of course. While these two keywords were very close in results, and do not seem to have much commercial intent by the searcher, you CAN use this tool as another way to help you evaluate keywords. Have some fun with it!

Don’t forget, everything you need to get going online is available in the Affiliate Toolbox to the right of your screen. I even added a new guide called WordPress Goldmine that is PERFECT for those who will need to move lenses off of Squidoo as a result of the policy changes. If you are not aware of the changes coming, check out this post from a week ago: Squidoo Policy Changes.

Best of luck in your campaigns!

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