I have been reading lots of opinions and posts from people about the upcoming Squidoo policy changes. Many people are starting to panic a little bit, afraid Squidoo will no longer work for them when doing a One Week Marketing or other Bum marketing method.

My response: Hogwash!

If you are bum marketing, and do not have a large budget to spend on getting links, building page rank, and other SEO tricks, then the content Squidoo is going to ban has no long term impact on us.

Yes, the weight loss & adult industry is indeed lucrative, but to really make it as a bum marketer, you need to be methodically expanding into the millions of other niches out there. Remember, MORE is BETTER in this business.

Sure, you can and will get a sale or two – maybe even a sale or two a WEEK on a campaign about weight loss. But once you do that (assuming you start in one of those niches), what are you doing next? You should be expanding into OTHER niches!

The same goes for all the other niches they are banning. This is why I try to work with my Squidoo & One Week Marketing coaching students to create a weight loss campaign if that is where they are starting (again, you certainly can make some money there), but to also get going in other niches of interest rather quickly. Those niches that are not bogged down by big time companies with huge budgets are where WE can make GREAT money long term.

The key to doing these campaigns is VOLUME.

LOTS of little, but high quality, niche traffic equals lots of buyers at the end of the day. Sure, it takes time to build up your niches, but when doing this using mostly free methods, this is the best route to take.

Finally, we all know that lens quality is important, and you MUST provide VALUE to your reader to entice them to click an affiliate link for more information.

Squidoo is simply getting rid of the spam farmers and the lenses that maybe have two paragraphs of keyword rich text, followed by 100 “CLICK HERE” links.

Do I have content I need to move because of the changes? You bet I do.

I have some weight loss lenses that I will move elsewhere. Which leads to another common question:

Where do we move our content too?

My answer: Use this as a springboard to create your own site! Yes, this will cost a little bit of money, but here is how I see the breakdown:

1) You will need a  dot com domain name – $10 from GoDaddy.com per year

2) Need a hosting account – $8/month from HostGator

> Hands down the best hosting site available. Super cheap (less than $8/month for up to 99 websites!). Top notch customer service as well. Visit HostGator here: HostGator

3) OPTIONAL – Need an Online/Offsite Backup system – $10/month from BuyOnlineBackup.com

> This is really simple: Your computer crashes, you lose all your files, and if no backup, you are done, Done, DONE.

That is ALL you need. You can transfer all your lens content to WordPress (which is FREE and easy to install through your HostGator account).

Then, you now own, for about $10 per month or less, your very own website. You control the content. You set the “policy” and you can use ANY affiliate links you want.

You can incorporate OWM style campaigns, only this time, you are pointing all your blog posts and articles to YOUR site, letting it rank well in Google.

Thats what I am going to do. If you can afford it, do the same.

If you want to move your content to another free to use site, there are a couple out there, none of which I think are as good as Squidoo, but they are worth of your time. The top one I would recommend is Weebly.com.

How about it? Are you wanting and ready to take that next step, and own your own website?

If you are unsure of how to use WordPress effectively, I added a WordPress guide to the Affiliate Tools section. I have bought it, used it, and really like it. But again, please do not buy it if you can not afford it right now! Ok?

As always you can email or comment with questions, and I will get back to you.

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