Squidoo Lenses With Page Rank For Sale!!!

Here is a listing of Squidoo Lenses and a few blogs that I am putting up for sale. These are all 100% created by me and only me!

To go ahead an answer your question: Why are you selling these?!

As some of my coaching clients are aware of, I am slowly putting the pieces together on a new project that will be my first ever own product! I will give you a hint – imagine being able to watch my go through EACH STEP of my coaching program right on my screen. Yep, I am taking the coaching program to a whole new level with a video series. I am really excited about it, but it does cost $$$$ to do!

So, I need to raise some capital to get this thing back on track.

Please email me any questions to Bryan@GetStartedMarketing.com

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Thanks for looking!


9/15/09 – THIS LENS IS SOLD! The SLeep Niche Lense are Still Available!

URL: squidoo.com/greek-tattoo

Lens Statistics: Built 12.3.08 and last updated 5.17.09

THIS LENS HAS PAGE RANK! Lens is PR2 on it’s own. This is VERY powerful when combined with Squidoo’s own main PR6 status.

Traffic: See Chart. Over time, traffic has steadily increased. Now getting 70-100 visitors each day. And averages about 500 various clickouts per month.


Monitization: Currenly promotes Clickbank Product. Makes a sale or two a month. Squidoo earnings are additional $11-$12 per month and rising VERY quickly (up from $2 in April to $12 last month). On average, $50-$70 per month is not out of the question. However, I make no guarantees as to future earnings.

I also think the page can be cleaned up, better optimized for more traffic and do lots better. There is only ONE article pointing back to it.

All backlinks are from organic sources.

This lens has HUGE possibilities with the page rank element.

Google Rankings: TONS of long tail keywords. But the main keyword is “greek tattoos”  – #3 natural listing without quotes (out of 1.1million results).

Pricing: Using a very basic multiple (1 year), and current earnings of a conservative $50/month, the value is around $600. I am offering this lens, though, for only $300 (as long as you PROMISE to give it some more love. Add content, write an article or two etc. Being PR2, google crawls it ALL the time!).


FOR SALE: Lens Pack – Sleep Aid Niche (Including my #3 Ranked Lens that is already PR1 in only 3 months and another Top 10 lens that is PR1 also!)

URLS: squidoo.com/best-over-the-counter-sleep-aid (screen shot of traffic below. Averaging over 1000 visits per month!)






SIX lenses in total, all linked together. On average, these are getting around 1200 visits per month.

Monitization: I did these to promote MarketHealth product called Melatrol. It did not convert. After over 1000 clicks, no sales. So, I just changed one of the lenses over to a Clickbank product, and made one sale so far. It may have been luck. With this much traffic though, all you need to do is research a good Clickbank product to tie in to the sleep niche, or even amazon for that matter. With PageRank, tons of traffic, it just needs some care and attention to start turning into a real winner. As normal, I can not guarantee any income level.

There are also about 20 articles on EZA pointing back to these, and a couple of these are ranking VERY well in google for high volume search terms.

Pricing: I normally charge $127 for 4 lenses from scratch.  This pack is for all 6, including 2 Page Rank 1 lenses. Price is $235 for all 6 lenses. If you only want the two PR1 lenses, I will consider selling those two alone for $175.

Traffic Screen Shot:


EMAIL ME: Bryan@GetStartedMarketing.com




e-DietNews.com is a WordPress site that I built from scratch. The site is 2 years old now and has PR1. The problem I have had is time to get it working right.

As of today, e-DietNews.com has over 250 pages indexed in Google.


This site is PERFECT for someone looking for a TOP LEVEL domain name that is very brandable. The site has Page Rank, and is run off of wordpress. I have about 10 plug-ins installed, including the all-in-one seo pack. My problem is again TIME. I just have not had time to update the site, so traffic and sales are super duper slow. However, someone who wanted to focus on this industry, and can use wordpress, can understand the value here.

Price: My latest 2 domain appraisals have come back between $1500-$2300. I will let it go, with all content files included, for $850.

Don’t know about WordPress and the POWER of WordPress? Check out the BEST WordPress guide available – WordPress GoldMine over in the Affiliate Toolbox!

EMAIL ME: Bryan@GetStartedMarketing.com