A common question for many people who are starting out learning to make money using Squidoo or any other free to use service to write online content, is which affiliate networks work the best? Today I want to write about a couple of choices, some of which you are likely familiar with, and one or two maybe you are not.

Frankly, in this business, confidence is a major role in how successful we are.

Think about that for a second. If you are confident your affiliate network, and affiliate product are solid, reputable, and easy to work with, won’t you be more at ease creating your online content? And a writer more at ease is more likely to write great content than someone with the mindset of immanent failure. With that said, here are my favorite affiliate networks:

  • My Personal Favorite: MarketHealth.com
  • MarketHealth.com is a network that has way more than just weight loss products. They have skin care, oral care, pet health, mens, uhm, “issues”, and much more. MarketHealth sells actual, physical products that are shipped to someone, and the commission structure is actually better than ClickBank in my opinion.

    The number of niches is not near the size of ClickBank, but here is the one thing that sets them apart: If a customer returns the product, the affiliate does NOT lose the commission! If an order is deemed fraudulent, then you will lose the commission, but for a customer product return, you STILL get your commission. Pretty sweet deal!

    Finally, lets say you sell a customer a bottle of a sleep aid off of MarketHealth, and that customer reorders another bottle a month later. You get another commission. You get commission for the LIFE of the customer. Very cool in my book.

    In all I really like MarketHealth, and it can be a great source of revenue for any affiliate. You can sign up for MarketHealth by clicking here: MarketHealth.com

    2. ClickBank.com


    ClickBank is probably the most popular affiliate network,  but it does take it’s lumps. While the reliability of payments is never an issue, some affiliates complain about ClickBanks refund policy being too loose. But, what I have found, is that when you are making sales by over-promising what that product will deliver, you will see a high refund rate rather quickly.

    And nothing is more disheartening than seeing a big ol’ commission show up, only to see it disappear the next day. I remember one day I made $140 in commission on selling a Forex product. I yelled at the wife, called friends, the whole nine yards. Two days later, it was reversed in a flash. This is why product selection is SO critical when working with ClickBank, and it is one of the things I talk about in my Exclusive Coaching program.

    But, for all of that, ClickBank commissions are hard to beat, and a good sales page can really make you some good money very quickly. You can get started with ClickBank Here: ClickBank.com

    3. Commission Junction (CJ.com)


    Commission Junction has been online for many years, and is the largest affiliate program for retailers that I am aware of. There are literally millions of niche ideas waiting to be found on Commission Junction. This is where you will find companies like Apple, Home Shopping Network, Sears, and many others. Since CJ.com is all about physical products, the commission rates are considerable lower thatn ClickBank, sometimes only 5 to 10% of the sale. However, you can easily make that up in volume, and, if you are savvy enough, I have found some MAJOR gems hidden in here that are very lucrative.

    I will say, however, that my biggest complaint has been a constant occurrence of reporting delays from them. It seems almost once a week the statistics will fall behind by eight to ten hours. This may not seem like much, but if you are wanting to use PPC campaigns, then it can be costly not seeing transactions coming.

    But with the wide array of companies listed, CJ should be in your arsenal. You can sign up here: CJ.com

    There are of course, many other affiliate programs out there. PepperJam Networks is gaining popularity, and not to mention a ton of others. One that I just joined the other day is C9Network.com. I will post about any success there when and if it happens. They seem to be pretty good so far, though.

    Best of luck making money!

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