Do You Know How to Use Tags Properly for Your Lens or WordPress Blog?

Let’s talk about tags for a few minutes. Tags are a very important part of your lens or blog post, and if you are not using them then you are costing your page a huge chunk of that “Google Juice” that we need to rank for our keywords.

Through my work with others using One Week Marketing from PotPieGirl, a common problem that arises is lack of using tags on Squidoo lenses.

So what is the right way to use tags?

Tags are added to your page through the Lensmaster sidebar in your edit mode on your account.


Why are these tags important? Because these are the keywords that are transmitted when you publish your lens or submit it to RSS feeds.

These tags describe WHAT your page is about. Without them, you are leaving it up to Google to decide what the page is about. While search engines will ultimately decide what the page is about eventually, you can influence and TELL them what to look for through your tags.

Note that this does not mean you can just slap up a lens, add any old tag you want, and have it rank. You still need to be properly keyword optimized and provide good content that MATCHES the tags you say the lens is about. Get it right, and you will rank better than without them.

How many tags should you use? Some people will say more than 5 tags might be viewed as SPAM. But, I have found that if I start with a core of about 10 tags (all variations of my main keyword I am going after) and then ADD tags as the site or lens matures, I get better results.

The best way to add tags is to add phrases that people are using to find your lens from your dashboard that are not already tags, as tags themselves.

Using tags is a vital step to getting your campaings rolling. Be sure to use them correctly, and make them relevant, and you are one step closer to success!

Are you wanting to get your own website started? WordPress is the best way to go, and using tags in WordPress is easy as well. If you use 3StepAds like the One Week Marketing Guide recommends, then you already know how to use WordPress as that is the blog software running that site.

With the upcoming Squidoo policy changes, many people are wanting to venture out and start their own site. I have resources available that are all you need to get this done in the Affiliate Toolbox section. For $10/month, you can have complete control of your own website. All you need is a GoDaddy domain name, and HostGator for hosting. A great guide to get you going is WordPress Goldmine. I bought it, and highly recommend it.

Best of luck! And remember to use those tags smartly!

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