Will you be in the minority when it comes to making money online using Squidoo, or any other method of affiliate marketing? Most online experts will say that less than 5% of people who try to make consistent income actually succeed. Will you be one of them?

This begs a question, though. If only 5% succeed, does that mean the other 95% never see the products that are available that tout massive earnings online, and virtually guarantee results? Chances are they saw them, probably even purchased them. The problem is in two areas: Implementation and Persistence.

I get frustrated sometimes reading forums where people are bashing Product X as not working and being a scam, or how Product Y only took their money and gave no usable content. Are there scams out there? Sure, there are some. But frankly, many make money online products or systems WILL WORK. The problem is, people are TOO LAZY to MAKE them work! Folks, using Squdioo and other free sites to create your campaigns is very effective!

There is really no such thing as instant riches online. There is, however, such a thing as working your tail off, learning, moving forward every day, and then seeing your results compound on each other.

I started out my online venture not knowing a single thing about internet marketing. I read a lot of content, tried things, failed miserably, and then tried again. Over time, I suddenly noticed I was making more than a sale every week or so. It was a sale every other day. Then a sale every single day. Then multiple sales per day. Stuff I had published on the internet months ago was springing to life. It was all coming together.

If you are going to be successful online, you have to have the stomach to fail and learn from it. You have to be determined to be one of the 5% who make good money, and not one of the 95% who, after one weekend, decide it is all a big scam and give up.

There are a few very select programs that I recommend people use to get going online, you can see them in my Affiliate Toolbox. It is really all you need, and all you need to spend. Do not go buy the latest and greatest system or program. Pick one, learn it, fail with it, and try again. You will be amazed how, over time, this stuff works.

Finally, I leave you again with my offer of personal coaching or complete online campaign creation services that are based on One Week Marketing style campaigns. You can shave off months and months of the learning curve if you take advantage of them. You can get the details here: Exclusive Coaching and Campaign Creation.

It’s Friday, the fish are jumping, and my truck is packed. Time to hit the lake!

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