How Do I Pick A Clickbank Product That Has a Chance To Convert Using Squidoo and One Week Marketing?

One common issue that seems to have many people scratching their head is picking a product from the Clickbank marketplace to promote while learning how to make money using Squidoo and the One Week Marketing program. I want to share with you some tips and advice on what I look for when picking a niche or product to promote using affiliate marketing techniques on Squidoo.

Here are my top three hot points for Clickbank products. If a sales page or product page passes all three of these, then there is a good chance you can get conversions if your affiliate page is set up well.
1) Page Navigation – The most important factor when selecting a Clickbank product to promote is the on page navigation. How is the page laid out? Is it an experience for the prospective customer, or is it just a jumble of garbage that is likely to turn off a reader. Two key points here:

  • First – People SCAN, they do not read. Is the page optimized to take advantage of someone who scans? This could mean bullet point lists, highlighted or bold text to grab attention etc…
  • Second – How easy is it to get to the checkout page if they want to order? This may seem strange, but I was researching a niche the other night for a client in my One Week Marketing Coaching Program, and when you hit the “order now” button, you were taken to another page instead of checkout. While this may not be uncommon if it is an upsell page, this instance it was just another page of text. I scrolled, found the “Order Now” button again and hit it. I was taken to yet ANOTHER page that was not the check out and not an upsell page. THAT is poor user experience and will result is a lower conversion rate

So the key point here to take away is: evaluate carefully the sales page you are promoting and make sure it is reader and user friendly!

2) Commission Structure: How much commission is the publisher offering? Clickbank has ranges from 20% to 75% commission for affiliates. I do not know about you, but someone offering 20% commission on a $27 product must not be serious about getting affiliates on board. You will spend a TON of time creating a campaign for someone else s product. The least they can do is get your commission above 50%! Anything less, and your results will be frustrating and not worth your time, in my opinion.

3) Affiliate Support Center: What kind of support materials does the vendor provide? While this is not as critical as the other areas, I like to see a vendor who has developed some keyword lists, articles and other bum marketing ideas for you to build off of. This is a huge sign that the vendor will be responsive and helpful to their affiliates. Do they offer an affiliate newsletter? Those newsletters are valuable sources of information not only for the product they promote, but you can take the ideas they give you, and apply the concept to ALL your campaigns!

So there are my three things I look for to make the first cut of a product I will support by being an affiliate.

How are your campaigns coming? Don’t forget, you can get great resources in the Affiliate Toolbox, and if you want some 1×1 help, sign up for my custom lens creation or exclusive coaching today!

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