Learning how to make money using Squidoo, and implementing One Week Marketing or any other system can seem like a huge challenge can’t it? I sometimes will take a look around my Squidoo account at some lenses that I made when I first started out online. You know what I see when I look at those? Something that should be sent to one of these:

Most of My Early Squidoo Lenses Belon in Here!

Yes, they were REALLY bad.

So What Is the Right Way to Make Money Using Squidoo?

Of course, the short answer is “however you want – there are endless ways to do it.”

But here is how *I* use Squidoo to help me make more money, along with the tools in my Affiliate Toolbox.

I use two main techniques – The first I am sharing in this blog post. The second will be coming in a day or two in the second part of this post (and the second may be really surprising for many….it was very eye opening for me!)

Technique 1) Building Lenses and adding affiliate links to products from Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, & MarketHealth.com

This is probably the most common method most internet marketers use Squidoo for. With over 1.3 million pages now in the google index from Squidoo, some people feel Squidoo is getting more difficult to rank in Google. I disagree.

You see, there are two main components to setting up your lens that will help you tremendously. I teach both these methods in great detail through my Squidoo and OWM Coaching Program.

The first component is, of course, keyword research. Most people have heard of long tail keywords, and know those are the keywords to target with your lens. However, I get tons of questions around this topic.

Most people will define a long tail keyword as having 4, maybe 5 words. Something like “Make Money Online Fast.”

However, with so many lenses out there, I now define long tail keywords as having 6 or more words. Something Like:  “How Can I Make Money Online Quick.”

Will your traffic be as big as if you were ranking on first page for the shorter keyword? Of course not. However, unless you have deep pockets and 16 hours per day, everyday, chances are you will never rank on the first page for that phrase.

On the other hand, you CAN rank on the first page for the longer keyword combination. You CAN get trickles of highly targeted traffic. Once you build several lenses around these, suddenly you are getting very good traffic, that is very highly targeted!

The second component to make money using Squidoo is module content and cadence. Google looks for content that is targeted, fresh, and logical.

Do you know how Google reads the various module titles and content? What areas and modules do they give more weight too? Learning this has allowed me to write very quick lenses that will rank pretty well quickly. I normally get a lens to debut in about 8 hours in the top 40, and then can get it on Page 1 in a few days with backlinks.

This is one of the biggest things I teach all my clients in my Squidoo Coaching and Campaign Creation Program.

Be sure to check back for Part 2 of this post (it’s a really easy to make some money using only ONE website).

What Tips Do You Have About Keywords and Squidoo?

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