Finding a good keyword generator tool that will help us identify the right keywords that we know we can rank for in the search engines has become increasingly more frustrating for many. With competition increasing in many of the popular niches, most of us who are doing traditional bum marketing techniques need every advantage we can get!

Most people rely on the Google keyword generator tool to do their research and try to find long tail phrases that can be ranked for using sites like Squidoo, EzineArticles and other common places. And while this is absolutely still an effective method, it is very time consuming, and the results are sometimes difficult to get.

I have been doing this online marketing thing for a while now, and there is no bigger amount of time spent on any of my campaigns than researching keywords. In an effort to get more efficient, I finally took the plunge and purchased one of the most talked about keyword generator tools on the forums over at Wealthy Affiliate:  Micro Niche Finder.

Is Micro Niche Finder a good Keyword Tool Generator?

In three words: I  Love It!

Micro Niche Finder has not only saved me incredible amounts of time and effort, but has opened my eyes up to niches and keywords that I never thought were possible.

Want to see it in action? Take a close look at this screen shot:


Want to know one way you may have come to this post on my blog – it’s right there on the screen shot!

I fired up Micro Niche Finder, and typed in “keyword tool” at the very top and hit “Search.”

The tool generated a list of results for me, and I start scrolling through them.

Now, look at the middle of the screen shot. Two of the keyword ideas that the tool returned were “keyword generator” and

“keyword generator tool.”

Keyword generator gets over 5000 searches per month, and keyword generator tool gets about 1000. Pretty solid numbers!

But what about the competition? Can we rank for these?

Look closer – see that red X and the green check mark on the far right? That is what makes this tool so great!

That is called the Strength of Competition rating, and it is a specific measure of how much competition is out there for each keyword phrase.

In the Micro Niche Finder users guide, you will see than anything under 50 is a solid “go” for bum marketers.

In this case, the phrase “keyword tool generator” is only at a competition strength level of 4 (four)!

I also checked the famous quoted results, and what do you know, it is LESS THAN 10,000 quoted results.

To recap, in about 2 minutes (literally), I found a keyword (“keyword generator tool”) that has 1000 searches, less than 10,000 quoted results, and a strength of competition that is almost nothing.

Check Out Micro Niche Finder for Yourself :Micro Niche Finder

Think this is a good keyword? I would think so, because I am doing this entire blog post based on that keyword!

Micro Niche Finder is hands down my favorite tool for working online, and if you are at a point you want to invest a little, then I recommend you give it a chance.

Here is a link to check it out - : Micro Niche Finder

Keep working hard – results are made, not given!

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