For the past several months, I have been quietly running a little test to see if I can make money using Twitter for my internet marketing business. I invested a little bit into a Clickbank product on Twitter, followed the instructions to set it up, and let it fly. Now I know very little about how Twitter works behind the scenes, so I just sort of followed the old “set it and forget it” philosophy.

After two months, what I found was, the program was working to get me followers on Twitter rather well. I now have over 900 followers in my Twitter account:


(That screen shot is not so good, but you can also verify by looking me up on Twitter @makersnseven.)

Not too bad though! These followers are also targeted to keywords that I set up using the program software. The number is increasing basically daily. My next issue is going to be how to monetize this twitter traffic. I have done virtually NOTHING to monetize my followers to this point, but can tell you that I test “tweeted” the other day, and inserted a hoplink via tinyurl into the tweet, and got about 100 clicks off the single tweet with one sale.

Will using Twitter make you rich? Probably not! But if you are curious about Twitter and how it works, and want to learn some cool things about how you can use it to monetize your traffic, then maybe the program I used it worth your time.

Here is a huge hint as well: do NOT use it to gain followers of the make money online niche! Instead, think about applying our One Week Marketing and Bum Marketing methods…..what is a hungry crowd who may be tweeting? Maybe it is relationships, or dating type information? Just like writing articles for Ezinearticles or Squidoo, use it to build relationships, and drive traffic to your blog, Squidoo pages, and other places where you can then monetize it!

Here is what I used to get my followers (I can’t offer support for the software – as I am still testing it myself!):

Turbo Cash Generator

Yes, it is a fairly cheesy sales page, but it APPEARS to be working for me to get lots of followers. Now I need to implement the monetary piece of the puzzle……

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