Are you struggling with finding keywords for your internet marketing campaigns using Squidoo or other free sites? It seems many folks are getting caught up when researching keywords that fit into the criteria established for being able to rank well in Google and other search engines. Yes, keywords can be a strong determinant of how well your campaign will do, but if you spend 10 hours looking for a keyword, instead of getting CONTENT online, you are only shooting yourself in the foot with your campaigns.

Are You Suffering from Keyword Paralysis?

There seems to be so much information out there telling us what we need to find in a keyword that we seem to go into information overload and spend hours and hours trying to find just one keyword! What are the quoted results? What about the “all in title” and “all in anchor” results? Is it a ‘buying” keyword or something a tire kicker would input? What is the search volume? Is there ANY search volume? The list can go on for these questions.

So how do we overcome this if we are wanting to use bum marketing, One Week Marketing, or some other free methods to make money using Squidoo or other sites?

First, it is of course really important to find keywords that you can rank for, which means limiting the amount of quoted results and also the amount of Squidoo pages already indexed for that keyword. But, many people seem to struggle and give up when they can not find that keyword using the various keyword tools. I know several folks who have spent 10 or 12 hours and not found a single keyword to use.

My “Secret” to Unlocking Keywords You Can Use to Rank in Google for Squidoo and Other Sites

Here is what I do when I find myself stuck trying to find keywords. Have you ever noticed inĀ  Google, when you are entering a keyword that you found off of the Keyword Tool, Google will give you SUGGESTIONS on what that keyword might be?

Lets say your phrase from the keyword tool is “bass fishing lure.” As we are typing this into Google, we get *this* from Google:


ALL those extra keyword are GIVEN to you by Google! I have found, in many cases, these keywords are NOT on the keyword tool results (some are, but some are not), & I have found, on many occasions that these are GREAT long tail keywords to rank for.

Google is TELLING us what people are searching for, so we should USE this to our advantage.

Try using this the next time you are stuck with looking for keywords. It is important to TAKE ACTION, get your content online, and repeat the process. An indexed lens that gets 10 visits per week is WAY better than a lens that is NOT indexed and gets zero visits!

Keep working hard!

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