Most Common Reason Internet Marketing Business Plans Fail

Do you have an internet marketing business plan that is not working? Or do want to know how to start creating your plan to succeed? I see so many questions over at the forums in Wealthy Affiliate from members who want to learn, have the desire to succeed, but struggle getting off the ground with their internet marketing business plan.

And let me tell you, the quality of information in those forums can not be valued at any price. The members are the most helpful set of internet marketers I have come across.

However, what I see as the most common reason internet marketing fails is not budget, or hard work, or keyword research, or ability to create content.

So what is it?

Simple: Ability to Identify BUYERS

No buyers = no sales regardless of where you rank in the search engines.

So how do you identify buyers?

There is certainly no set formula, but here are a few steps to help you get your mindset right for finding buyers:

  1. Pay attention to others – in your daily activity you are very likely to hear a friend or co worker talk about recent purchases, or hot topics. Write these down! Clearly, these are BUYING actions you can take advantage of.
  2. Utilizing Amazon – At Amazon, you can go into any category and look at the Top Sellers list. These products identify niches that are ripe for the pickings. That does NOT mean you have to promote those products, but if you see the top product in books is a guide on pregnancy, go find on Clickbank or CJ a high commission pregnancy guide. You get the idea.
  3. Google Trends – In Google, you can find the Hot Trends for a set time frame. While many of the top search items will be celebrity news or other such gossip, you will also find keywords and topics that are clearly from consumers. This can give you insight into buying trends as well. Here is a link: Google Trends

No matter your stage in online marketing, a huge key to success is finding the right buying crowd to get in front of!

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