Determining the Refund Rate on Clickbank Products

How many times have you busted your rear end to get a sale on Clickbank, only to get that “Refund” notice the very next day? It has happened to me, and it sure is frustrating to know all your work was for nothing up until that point. And to be honest, I do not like promoting a product if it gets refunded a high percentage of the time. This means the product was garbage, and now my website, or name, or article is tied to that bad experience for the person who had enough trust and faith in what I was writing to get out their credit card and make a purchase.

So how can we avoid promoting a product that is a chronic refunder? While there is no exact way to really know other than taking a stab using the data available on Clickbank….until now!

I was hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate the other day, and ran across a post from a user who had found that cool tool that I had never seen before. It is a site where you can get a very close estimate as to the refund rate of any product on Clickbank! Really cool stuff.

Here is the site:

Now, keep in mind that even this tool is an estimate, and there are some factors that are impossible to put into the equation (like if the owner has changed the selling price recently, or there are multiple price points for the product), however, this will give you a good, general tool to put in your toolbox for affiliate marketing!

In general, stay away from a product that has a refund rate over 20%, at least, that is MY personal rule. Anything under 10%, and I am going to promote the you know what out of it!

Play around with that site, there are some other really cool features on there as well.

Keep working hard!

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