Answering the Question: Does Clickbank Pirate Really Work?

In early August, Clickbank Pirate was launched with tremendous buzz as the latest and greatest system to make money online, but does Clickbank Pirate really work? I am never one to run out and grab a new product, or as we like to say – get distracted by all the shiny new things online, but I could not resist temptation on this one. The sales page is very effectively written in my opinion.

Check it out here: Clickbank Pirate.

Now, I think we all know that a great sales page really does not mean a hill of beans when it comes to making money online. But the concept they are promoting is certainly a different approach than any other I have seen.

How Clickbank Pirate Works

Clickbank Pirate takes a unique approach to internet marketing using the hottest trend today – video squeeze pages. CB Pirate provides you with your own video squeeze pages that you drive traffic too. The squeeze pages then capture the email address, or lead, of the traffic and will automatically get them into an autoresponder series for you.

Essentially, they do all the selling for you, and you get credit for the sale through your Clickbank id. And, since the lead is captured via email, they will continue to “sell” to your lead for months to come, meaning one person can buy again and again from their follow up emails.

The video squeeze pages are very nicely done and the system in general is likely very effective.  Clickbank Pirate also hosts all the pages for you, and gives you your own link to send people too. So your cost of using the program is only the membership cost, which is $37/mo as of this writing. Thats basically one sale per month using the video squeeze pages and allowing CB Pirate to send the autoresponder emails on your behalf.

Yes, that will save you a TON of time in writing content and everything else. It really is autopilot and a very simple system conceptually.

But, in my opinion, there is one HUGE problem here….can you figure it out?

The Problem with Clickbank Pirate is TRAFFIC Generation

All of the features are really very advanced and effective. But in order for them to work – you MUST send good amounts of traffic to your video squeeze pages!

There are two basic forms of traffic generation: Paid and Unpaid

Unpaid traffic is the premise of the the One Week Marketing plan that I am a fan of and use every day. But those who know and have used it realize that you do NOT get hoards of hungry traffic overnight. It takes effort and time to build up traffic streams.

If you are sending what traffic you can generate to your video squeeze page, it will take a very very long time to see significant results (i.e. several months). My opinion, you will need a budget of a couple of hundred dollars to really give the system a chance to work. $67 for initial cost, + $37/month recurring. 3 months expense will be about $200 out of pocket to you.

In about 3 to 4 months time, you would have enough traffic from your OWM campaigns going to the video squeeze pages that you will be able to tell if the system works for you or not.

Conversely, if you are familiar with AdWords and Google PPC traffic generation, then I think this is where the Clickbank Pirate is most successful. Sending PPC traffic to the video squeeze page will be the most effective and quickest way to see results. But a word of warning, PPC can be dangerous and expensive!

So in Summary:

Does Clickbank Pirate work? Maybe!

If you can drive traffic quickly to it, then it might be a good investment. Especially if you are a PPC affiliate with a budget to support it.

However, if traffic is a struggle for you, or you are just starting to learn One Week Marketing techniques, and Squidoo, and EZA, then you will potentially spend WAY too much money and not see any results. If you are a beginner to online marketing, my advice is to TAKE A PASS ON CLICKBANK PIRATE.

If you really want to learn how to create traffic, and make money online without spending a fortune, One Week Marketing is the best option in my opinion. More information on One Week Marketing Here: OWM Action Plan.

If you are an experienced affiliate, and have some budget to invest, then GIVE CLICKBANK PIRATE A SHOT!

As always, I am available to answer questions:

p.s. –> If you do decide Clickbank Pirate is for you, and you want help learning to generate traffic from Squidoo, EZineArticles etc…then check out my complete Campaign Creation services and Exclusive Coaching. I also offer custom rates on single lenses and just article packs if you want a few articles to try out ClickBank Priate. Email me with questions and for details.

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