Did You Know: The Four Exact Resources I Use to Make Money Online Are:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. One Week Marketing
  3. EZineArticles
  4. Unique Article Wizard

Wealthy Affiliate

The best place to learn internet and affiliate marketing. A huge community of experts and new members helping each other every step of the way to make money online.   Read more!

One Week Marketing

Best resource that I have personally used to make steady income online using FREE methods.   Read more!

Clickbank Archives

Why Not All Online Traffic Generation Is Created Equal

Stick with me for a few minutes while I tell you a little story about targeted traffic, PPC advertising, getting rich quick, Clickbank, One Week Marketing, making money using Squidoo, and anything else internet marketing related! You see, this story is all of those things rolled into one!

About a week ago, I finally read the Maverick Money Makers website. The program seems to always have high gravity, so I have been meaning to see what the pitch page was all about. It is IMPRESSIVE.

About half way down the page was a 17 minute video – I normally skip right over those, but this time I stopped and watched it closely. The video was describing a new “stealth” method of generating super fast sales using AdMob.com.

AdMob.com is a pay per click advertiser that specializes in showing ads on iPhones. People see the short ad, touch it, and it takes them to the webpage of the merchant. A very exciting concept if you ask me. Because there are so many iPhones, and not many people know about this service, the clicks are ultra cheap – $0.03 cheap to be exact.

My Admob Experiment

So curiosity got the best of me, and I opened an AdMob account to take it for a test drive. I deposited $50 to start with, knowing that $50 would get me 1,666 clicks or so. A pretty substantial number.
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How Do I Pick A Clickbank Product That Has a Chance To Convert Using Squidoo and One Week Marketing?

One common issue that seems to have many people scratching their head is picking a product from the Clickbank marketplace to promote while learning how to make money using Squidoo and the One Week Marketing program. I want to share with you some tips and advice on what I look for when picking a niche or product to promote using affiliate marketing techniques on Squidoo.

Here are my top three hot points for Clickbank products. If a sales page or product page passes all three of these, then there is a good chance you can get conversions if your affiliate page is set up well.
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