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  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. One Week Marketing
  3. EZineArticles
  4. Unique Article Wizard

Wealthy Affiliate

The best place to learn internet and affiliate marketing. A huge community of experts and new members helping each other every step of the way to make money online.   Read more!

One Week Marketing

Best resource that I have personally used to make steady income online using FREE methods.   Read more!

Clickbank Archives

For the past several months, I have been quietly running a little test to see if I can make money using Twitter for my internet marketing business. I invested a little bit into a Clickbank product on Twitter, followed the instructions to set it up, and let it fly. Now I know very little about how Twitter works behind the scenes, so I just sort of followed the old “set it and forget it” philosophy.

After two months, what I found was, the program was working to get me followers on Twitter rather well. I now have over 900 followers in my Twitter account:


(That screen shot is not so good, but you can also verify by looking me up on Twitter @makersnseven.)

Not too bad though! These followers are also targeted to keywords that I set up using the program software. The number is increasing basically daily. My next issue is going to be how to monetize this twitter traffic. I have done virtually NOTHING to monetize my followers to this point, but can tell you that I test “tweeted” the other day, and inserted a hoplink via tinyurl into the tweet, and got about 100 clicks off the single tweet with one sale.
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Determining the Refund Rate on Clickbank Products

How many times have you busted your rear end to get a sale on Clickbank, only to get that “Refund” notice the very next day? It has happened to me, and it sure is frustrating to know all your work was for nothing up until that point. And to be honest, I do not like promoting a product if it gets refunded a high percentage of the time. This means the product was garbage, and now my website, or name, or article is tied to that bad experience for the person who had enough trust and faith in what I was writing to get out their credit card and make a purchase.

So how can we avoid promoting a product that is a chronic refunder? While there is no exact way to really know other than taking a stab using the data available on Clickbank….until now!

I was hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate the other day, and ran across a post from a user who had found that cool tool that I had never seen before. It is a site where you can get a very close estimate as to the refund rate of any product on Clickbank! Really cool stuff.

Here is the site: http://cbhelper.com/refund-calculator.html

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Answering the Question: Does Clickbank Pirate Really Work?

In early August, Clickbank Pirate was launched with tremendous buzz as the latest and greatest system to make money online, but does Clickbank Pirate really work? I am never one to run out and grab a new product, or as we like to say – get distracted by all the shiny new things online, but I could not resist temptation on this one. The sales page is very effectively written in my opinion.

Check it out here: Clickbank Pirate.

Now, I think we all know that a great sales page really does not mean a hill of beans when it comes to making money online. But the concept they are promoting is certainly a different approach than any other I have seen.

How Clickbank Pirate Works

Clickbank Pirate takes a unique approach to internet marketing using the hottest trend today – video squeeze pages. CB Pirate provides you with your own video squeeze pages that you drive traffic too. The squeeze pages then capture the email address, or lead, of the traffic and will automatically get them into an autoresponder series for you.

Essentially, they do all the selling for you, and you get credit for the sale through your Clickbank id. And, since the lead is captured via email, they will continue to “sell” to your lead for months to come, meaning one person can buy again and again from their follow up emails.

The video squeeze pages are very nicely done and the system in general is likely very effective.  Clickbank Pirate also hosts all the pages for you, and gives you your own link to send people too. So your cost of using the program is only the membership cost, which is $37/mo as of this writing. Thats basically one sale per month using the video squeeze pages and allowing CB Pirate to send the autoresponder emails on your behalf.

Yes, that will save you a TON of time in writing content and everything else. It really is autopilot and a very simple system conceptually.

But, in my opinion, there is one HUGE problem here….can you figure it out?
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