Did You Know: The Four Exact Resources I Use to Make Money Online Are:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. One Week Marketing
  3. EZineArticles
  4. Unique Article Wizard

Wealthy Affiliate

The best place to learn internet and affiliate marketing. A huge community of experts and new members helping each other every step of the way to make money online.   Read more!

One Week Marketing

Best resource that I have personally used to make steady income online using FREE methods.   Read more!

All About Keywords Archives

Finding a good keyword generator tool that will help us identify the right keywords that we know we can rank for in the search engines has become increasingly more frustrating for many. With competition increasing in many of the popular niches, most of us who are doing traditional bum marketing techniques need every advantage we can get!

Most people rely on the Google keyword generator tool to do their research and try to find long tail phrases that can be ranked for using sites like Squidoo, EzineArticles and other common places. And while this is absolutely still an effective method, it is very time consuming, and the results are sometimes difficult to get.

I have been doing this online marketing thing for a while now, and there is no bigger amount of time spent on any of my campaigns than researching keywords. In an effort to get more efficient, I finally took the plunge and purchased one of the most talked about keyword generator tools on the forums over at Wealthy Affiliate:  Micro Niche Finder.

Is Micro Niche Finder a good Keyword Tool Generator?

In three words: I  Love It!

Micro Niche Finder has not only saved me incredible amounts of time and effort, but has opened my eyes up to niches and keywords that I never thought were possible.

Want to see it in action? Take a close look at this screen shot:

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Are you struggling with finding keywords for your internet marketing campaigns using Squidoo or other free sites? It seems many folks are getting caught up when researching keywords that fit into the criteria established for being able to rank well in Google and other search engines. Yes, keywords can be a strong determinant of how well your campaign will do, but if you spend 10 hours looking for a keyword, instead of getting CONTENT online, you are only shooting yourself in the foot with your campaigns.

Are You Suffering from Keyword Paralysis?

There seems to be so much information out there telling us what we need to find in a keyword that we seem to go into information overload and spend hours and hours trying to find just one keyword! What are the quoted results? What about the “all in title” and “all in anchor” results? Is it a ‘buying” keyword or something a tire kicker would input? What is the search volume? Is there ANY search volume? The list can go on for these questions.

So how do we overcome this if we are wanting to use bum marketing, One Week Marketing, or some other free methods to make money using Squidoo or other sites?

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Why Not All Online Traffic Generation Is Created Equal

Stick with me for a few minutes while I tell you a little story about targeted traffic, PPC advertising, getting rich quick, Clickbank, One Week Marketing, making money using Squidoo, and anything else internet marketing related! You see, this story is all of those things rolled into one!

About a week ago, I finally read the Maverick Money Makers website. The program seems to always have high gravity, so I have been meaning to see what the pitch page was all about. It is IMPRESSIVE.

About half way down the page was a 17 minute video – I normally skip right over those, but this time I stopped and watched it closely. The video was describing a new “stealth” method of generating super fast sales using AdMob.com.

AdMob.com is a pay per click advertiser that specializes in showing ads on iPhones. People see the short ad, touch it, and it takes them to the webpage of the merchant. A very exciting concept if you ask me. Because there are so many iPhones, and not many people know about this service, the clicks are ultra cheap – $0.03 cheap to be exact.

My Admob Experiment

So curiosity got the best of me, and I opened an AdMob account to take it for a test drive. I deposited $50 to start with, knowing that $50 would get me 1,666 clicks or so. A pretty substantial number.
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