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  2. One Week Marketing
  3. EZineArticles
  4. Unique Article Wizard

Wealthy Affiliate

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One Week Marketing

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Affiliate Networks Archives

Finding a good keyword generator tool that will help us identify the right keywords that we know we can rank for in the search engines has become increasingly more frustrating for many. With competition increasing in many of the popular niches, most of us who are doing traditional bum marketing techniques need every advantage we can get!

Most people rely on the Google keyword generator tool to do their research and try to find long tail phrases that can be ranked for using sites like Squidoo, EzineArticles and other common places. And while this is absolutely still an effective method, it is very time consuming, and the results are sometimes difficult to get.

I have been doing this online marketing thing for a while now, and there is no bigger amount of time spent on any of my campaigns than researching keywords. In an effort to get more efficient, I finally took the plunge and purchased one of the most talked about keyword generator tools on the forums over at Wealthy Affiliate:  Micro Niche Finder.

Is Micro Niche Finder a good Keyword Tool Generator?

In three words: I  Love It!

Micro Niche Finder has not only saved me incredible amounts of time and effort, but has opened my eyes up to niches and keywords that I never thought were possible.

Want to see it in action? Take a close look at this screen shot:

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Searching for Alternatives to Squidoo for Health, Weight Loss and Diet Affiliate Programs

There is no doubt that the new Squidoo policy regarding diet related lenses was a good overall decision for the health and longevity of the site. But there are many of us who realized how lucrative this niche can be, that it was a little bit of a bummer to lose such a high ranking SEO tool from our toolbox for that specific niche.

I want to stress, however, that Squidoo is STILL VERY EFFECTIVE for creating One Week Marketing campaigns and making money online. There are endless niches to explore and build campaigns around that will convert and make money. All my lenses that are non diet and weight loss related are chugging along nicely!

But what is another alternative for those of us who want to continue to profit from the weight loss industry?

I am excited to share with you an option that I recently found, and invite you to look at.

It is called Herbal Biz, and is an offer from the folks over at MarketHealth.com.

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A common question for many people who are starting out learning to make money using Squidoo or any other free to use service to write online content, is which affiliate networks work the best? Today I want to write about a couple of choices, some of which you are likely familiar with, and one or two maybe you are not.

Frankly, in this business, confidence is a major role in how successful we are.

Think about that for a second. If you are confident your affiliate network, and affiliate product are solid, reputable, and easy to work with, won’t you be more at ease creating your online content? And a writer more at ease is more likely to write great content than someone with the mindset of immanent failure. With that said, here are my favorite affiliate networks:

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