Are you using Article Submission Tools to help your online marketing?

Over the past several weeks, I have been reading several posts in the forums at Wealthy Affiliate regarding article submission tools. Most people are asking the question about which article submitting programs are most effective for affiliate to use to get their content exposure increased online.

While it is not necessary to use an article service to be successful, many people are finding they get increased traffic to their pages by using these services. So what are the ones that are most recommended?

For me, I currently use two services, one is a subscription service with no limit on articles per month, and the other is a pay per article service that I am seeing some good results from initially. Here I will tell you about both of them so you can decide for yourself.

Unique Article Wizard – This is the subscription based article service that requires some effort on your part to set up, but is a very powerful backlinking tool. UAW is a little pricey at $67/month, however, for one of my businesses who uses it regularly, we have 12 Google first page websites using nothing more than the linking strategy in One Week Marketing, plus one article blasted out with UAW. In most cases, these sites are getting to page one in Google within 2 or 3 weeks of being live online. Pretty astounding results, and worth the price of admission for sure.

UAW also as a free 3 Day Stealth Marketing Course that I recommend you take if you want to learn a little more about articles and how they work. Here is a link:  Stealth Marketing Course.

iSnare – I am currently testing iSnare, where they will distribute your articles and build a link wheel of sorts with them for about $1.50 per article. It is not much to pay to give it a test run, and I will update you on my results here in a few weeks. I am trying them out because a very well respected member at Wealthy Affiliate wrote a tutorial about using iSnare in the ShareZone of the site, and he is getting results approaching $1000 per 5 articles using a system of well researched keywords, and iSnare distribution.

I figure I don’t have much to lose to give it a shot!

So those are the two article submission tools that I am using right now. I am happy to hear of any others that you may be using that are of value. There is no question that getting your content out there and in the open on multiple sites is a huge key to success, and using one of these services, if you can afford it, is a smart decision!

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