Searching for Alternatives to Squidoo for Health, Weight Loss and Diet Affiliate Programs

There is no doubt that the new Squidoo policy regarding diet related lenses was a good overall decision for the health and longevity of the site. But there are many of us who realized how lucrative this niche can be, that it was a little bit of a bummer to lose such a high ranking SEO tool from our toolbox for that specific niche.

I want to stress, however, that Squidoo is STILL VERY EFFECTIVE for creating One Week Marketing campaigns and making money online. There are endless niches to explore and build campaigns around that will convert and make money. All my lenses that are non diet and weight loss related are chugging along nicely!

But what is another alternative for those of us who want to continue to profit from the weight loss industry?

I am excited to share with you an option that I recently found, and invite you to look at.

It is called Herbal Biz, and is an offer from the folks over at

MarketHealth is one of my favorite affiliate programs and I am always surprised how few people actually know about it. They offer a wide variety of psyical products, from weight loss, to teeth whitening and everything in between. The commissions are huge, and there is virtually no worry about refund rates.

About Herbal Biz

Herbal Biz is a complete diet product store front that is pre-built for you. It is hosted by MarketHealth (meaning no hosting cost for you), and promotes all the products in the MarketHealth lineup.

The really cool part of this is since it is hosted on YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME, you can direct link to your own domain name and web store from your other sources of traffic besides Squidoo! This might be a very promising solution for getting back into the health market without having to pay for hosting or developing your own website from scratch. The content is all there ready for you to start sending traffic too.

Please note: this solution may not be for everyone, as there is some cost involved. From what I have been seeing the cost is $9.95 for the domain name initially, and you have a trial period after that to test it out. After the trial period, the one time cost is $99. It is a little pricey, but considering you get $40 per sale of Hoodia or a teeth whitening product, you can recover the cost very very quickly.

Check it out for yourself here: Herbal Biz

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