Here Are Some of the Exact Tools I Use For My Internet Marketing Campaigns

There are several tools that are not only huge timesavers, but provide excellent quality and results. While creating a One Week Marketing campaign, or any online marketing campaign can be done absolutely free, and you will make some money, these tools have helped me increase my earnings exponentially. If you can spend a few dollars to save major time and get results, these are the products I recommend you use:

Best Online Money Making System

Best Online Money Making System

  • ONE WEEK MARKETING – What? You do not own PotPieGirl’s One Week Marketing Program yet? This is THE guide to learning how to make money online, and is the basis for EVERY campaign I do online. My Highest Recommendation!
  • Grab your copy here: One Week Marketing.


Backup Your Hard Drive With BuyOnlineBackup. The single most important thing you can do as you run an online business is PROTECT your files and your hard drive. Your hard drive WILL crash at one point. Are you backing up your files? Do NOT lose all your work because you do not have backup. I can not stress enough the need for this. I use to backup my system. It is easy, quick, and will save you from losing all your hard work! Visit them here:

Submit your article to hundreds of sites

Unique Article Wizard – The best article spinning software for 1 main reason: MASSIVE BACKLINKS. Backlinks are what makes your Squidoo Lens or Website get ranked with Google. The Wizard allows you to create and submit an article to hundreds of directories with one click! Each submission results in backlinks to your site. VERY POWERFUL. Get more information: Unique Article Wizard

Introducing Marketplace Discount Domain Club

– GoDaddy is my favorite online registrar of domain names. You can find very good deals on domains, and they also offer great services for building websites and other tools. A must have for anyone working online. Visit:

Host Gator Hosting Service -Hands down the BEST hosting company. Superior customer service, and the best rates. If you are building your own niche blog, you need Host Gator. No one else compares.

These are just a small portion of the many tools you can use as an online marketer to make your business run smooth. Each tool has it’s own very important use, and if you put the pieces of the puzzle together, the result can be a very rewarding online business in no time at all. What are you waiting for? Get Started Marketing TODAY!

NEW PRODUCT ADDED 6/24/09 – For All You WordPress Students:


WordPress Goldmine

- WordPress Goldmine is a FANTSTIC guide for using WordPress to create really great looking websites. Here is a hint about the power of WordPress: THIS Website uses WordPress, as well as my Diet website

WordPress is VERY easy to use, and has some great tools that are very SEO friendly. You can take control of your own business by running your own website. This ebook is highly recommended. I use it almost every day to learn something new about how to run my own website.

If you want off of Squidoo, or want to supplement your Squidoo’s and One Week Marketing Campaigns, THIS is the guide for you.

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