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Archive for July, 2009

How Do I Pick A Clickbank Product That Has a Chance To Convert Using Squidoo and One Week Marketing?

One common issue that seems to have many people scratching their head is picking a product from the Clickbank marketplace to promote while learning how to make money using Squidoo and the One Week Marketing program. I want to share with you some tips and advice on what I look for when picking a niche or product to promote using affiliate marketing techniques on Squidoo.

Here are my top three hot points for Clickbank products. If a sales page or product page passes all three of these, then there is a good chance you can get conversions if your affiliate page is set up well.
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Do You Know How to Use Tags Properly for Your Lens or WordPress Blog?

Let’s talk about tags for a few minutes. Tags are a very important part of your lens or blog post, and if you are not using them then you are costing your page a huge chunk of that “Google Juice” that we need to rank for our keywords.

Through my work with others using One Week Marketing from PotPieGirl, a common problem that arises is lack of using tags on Squidoo lenses.

So what is the right way to use tags?
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Today I want to talk a few minutes about understanding commercial intent and how we can apply this to our campaigns to make money with Squidoo or other One Week Marketing style campaigns. Commercial intent is loosely defined as the probability that someone typing a certain set of keywords in a search engine is doing so with the intention of buying.

Why is this important? This is an important factor to understand as it will separate the tire kickers and folks just looking for information from those who are serious about buying. And it is that crowd, the serious about buying crowd, that we want to target. So lets look at a tool that is out there that will help us determine commercial intent.

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