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Archive for June, 2009

I have been reading lots of opinions and posts from people about the upcoming Squidoo policy changes. Many people are starting to panic a little bit, afraid Squidoo will no longer work for them when doing a One Week Marketing or other Bum marketing method.

My response: Hogwash!

If you are bum marketing, and do not have a large budget to spend on getting links, building page rank, and other SEO tricks, then the content Squidoo is going to ban has no long term impact on us.

Yes, the weight loss & adult industry is indeed lucrative, but to really make it as a bum marketer, you need to be methodically expanding into the millions of other niches out there. Remember, MORE is BETTER in this business.

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A common question for many people who are starting out learning to make money using Squidoo or any other free to use service to write online content, is which affiliate networks work the best? Today I want to write about a couple of choices, some of which you are likely familiar with, and one or two maybe you are not.

Frankly, in this business, confidence is a major role in how successful we are.

Think about that for a second. If you are confident your affiliate network, and affiliate product are solid, reputable, and easy to work with, won’t you be more at ease creating your online content? And a writer more at ease is more likely to write great content than someone with the mindset of immanent failure. With that said, here are my favorite affiliate networks:

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Will you be in the minority when it comes to making money online using Squidoo, or any other method of affiliate marketing? Most online experts will say that less than 5% of people who try to make consistent income actually succeed. Will you be one of them?

This begs a question, though. If only 5% succeed, does that mean the other 95% never see the products that are available that tout massive earnings online, and virtually guarantee results? Chances are they saw them, probably even purchased them. The problem is in two areas: Implementation and Persistence.

I get frustrated sometimes reading forums where people are bashing Product X as not working and being a scam, or how Product Y only took their money and gave no usable content. Are there scams out there? Sure, there are some. But frankly, many make money online products or systems WILL WORK. The problem is, people are TOO LAZY to MAKE them work! Folks, using Squdioo and other free sites to create your campaigns is very effective!

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